Fulang LMT


FuLang was introduced to healing modalities through Eden Energy Medicine. Eden energy medicine addresses the entire being by restoring flow and balance to the body's energy systems following Traditional Chinese medicine techniques (acupressure points, meridian tracing/tapping).  She also has a wide background in the arts primarily through color, painting, music, and sound composition.  These expressions are a flowing extension experienced energetically through her body work.  This holistic approach to healing integrates table Shiatsu, connective tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, kinesthetic awareness through movement, Eden energy medicine, and/or sound healing with the didgeridoo.

                                                       GAZEL LMT

Gazel has always been interested in healing since his first discovery of energy. With the combination of his anatomical and physiological understanding of the human body, he employs a variety of healing techniques for medical/ holistic massage. This is done through deep tissue, trigger point therapy, aiding body symmetry and reflexology of the hands and feet. He works closely with attachment sites of tight muscles, and issues of the spine and hips with precision and intuitive care for relieving chronic/acute pain, and reducing stress from tension.