I'm a Natural Health Detective who eavesdrops on the communication systems of the body. Doing this through numerous modalities enables me to find, and fix, those things that are interfering with your radiant health and success. 

I am a board certified orthopedic chiropractor. Since getting my degree at Western States in Portland,Oregon 30 years ago, I have continuously run a large practice in VA attending to many different aspects of patient health and well being.  I have consistently continued my education, and become proficient in a number of various health investigative techniques and treatments.

In 2013, I downsized and moved to Ithaca. I now run a small part time practice, with flexible hours, and an ability to really focus in on patient's needs. 

Yes, my hair is short now, but these pictures were taken in 2013 when I first moved to Ithaca. My partner Shakaya and I absolutely love living here. The environment, the friendly open people, and the creative culture we have found here has exceeded our highest expectations.  You may see me in town playing my didgeridoo or mandolin at a jam session, at a kirtan playing my tablas, drumming with others on my djembe, or dancing at one of the many community events here. I look forward to bringing you far along on your path to your personal maximum health. Come in for a free 15 minute consultation if you are curious.