Medical Massage services as a stand alone or to support chiropractic work. A new partnership for a wholistic center.


Book online to support an adjustment, to help with localized or dispersed pain, injury from an accident or other muscular pathologies.

30min Medical Massage-55

60min Medical Massage-85

90min Medical Massage-120

Add on to any session:


Ion cleanse- 25


Lang and Gazel are now practicing at the office of chiropractic Bio- tune-ups with a goal to combine chiropractic work and medical massage. They increase the quality of the session with applied kinesiology allowing them to pin-point the muscle or area of priority to address. Included in the services are cupping, site specific pain relief through neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, connective tissue therapy, hot stones, table shiatsu, lymphatic massage and more.

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