Heated AquaMed Water Massage Table     
                      $15   for   30 minutes

This is a good therapy to indulge in by itself, or before getting into the sauna. It gets the lymphatic system and circulatory system moving, and relaxes tight muscles to aid in the detoxing process.                 

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Ionizing Detoxing Foot Bath Session                          $25   for   30 minutes

Toxins are pulled out of your body through a system involving soaking your feet in a pool of salt water with an ionizer.   This is another way to pull impurities out of your system. 

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Infrared Sauna with light and sound therapy
                       $25   for 30 minutes

The detoxing benefits of using a sauna are well known, but there are also many other health     benefits.  Studies show that the infrared sauna specifically shows and increased level of benefit.  Many find it more comfortable than other types of saunas, which can become uncomfortably hot. Our sauna has quality sound and light systems, which can be enjoyed for aesthetic reasons, or for specific sound or light therapies.  A person should not use a sauna of any type if they are pregnant, or if they have high blood pressure. 

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Discount Packages

Combining therapies can be beneficial, especially when done on the same day.  If you are a patient of Dr. Katz, he can advise you which combination is best for you.  Any combination of sessions purchased will equal the following discounts. 

Two sessions purchased        =     a saving of $4.00

Three sessions purchased     =     a savings of $7.00

Four sessions purchased       =     a savings of $10.00

The spa options are all available  most days from 10am to 8pm by appointment. Please schedule your spa session at least one day in advance, and give that much time for a cancellation as well.